Rebuilding Together
Mountain Communities
To our enthusiastic Community Volunteers
People like YOU who made Christmas in April Rebuilding Day
an outstanding success!!

Thanks to our wonderful community for coming together for the Christmas in April Dinner/Auction on April 8. The Rim O’ the World Association of Realtors, along with Lake Arrowhead Country Club, sponsored the event to benefit Rebuilding together. Special thanks go to the Lake Arrowhead Country Club for not only providing the lovely location, but completely underwriting the excellent dinner as well – such a gift to our community! Our hats are off the Brett Wilson and the Country Club staff. Our most able auctioneer, completely wowed the crowd with his skill at making every item on the auction list a winner!

Carol Banner and Cyndy Davidson, Co-Chairs

Letters from Homeowners

From J.L. – Arrowbear

It is of course impossible to express my deepest and most grateful gratitude. Everyone who helped me great and small are forever in my daily prayers. I would especially like to mention Dave Bennett who did more – simply more. Depak Chopra must be required reading in Dave’s company because everyone is so kind and caring. I never felt a beggar – which I am. A most appreciative beggar. The excellence of the quality of the work – all the work is amazing. A most specal thank you to Dave.

From L.O. – Crestline

I do not have the words to express what my heart is feeling. I just can’t let another moment go by without expressing my deep gratitude and appreciation to the herds of volunteers from Rebuilding Together for the exhausting work they did on my house. My house and yard are beautiful. Thank you again for your unbelievable kindness. I thank GOD every day that I live in a community with such caring, giving people.

From B.S. – Crestline

Thank you, Thank you. I do appreciate your choosing me for rebuilding. It absolutely made my day. The new stove was so unexpected and wonderful. Words cannot describe how special you are to help me. Thank you for all of your kindness.

Dear kind people:

Thank you for you help in making my home a safer place. The Palmer family did an excellent job. May God Bless all of you.

Thanks Again,
F.L.C. – Crestline

From J and C D.

To everyone at Rebuilding Together,

We can hardly describe what a delightful shock it was to have hot water this Christmas. Along with the obvious comfort involved, your gift has given us back hours of time usually spent heating water on the stove.

More than that you have reminded us that there are good and caring people in the world. Thanks to you we are greeting the New Year with determination and hope for a better future.

Wishing you all the best of everything.

From P.R.

It is a wonderful gift and an answer to a nagging question, “How can I get these problems resolved?” I am looking forward to meeting the team. Thank you all for your contribution to our community and may the Rebuilding Day programs meet with continued success.

Thank you for considering my needs.