Corona Virus Halts Rebuilding Day
We regret that we must officially cancel the April 25th Rebuilding Day event. With the ever-expanding threat, and under advisement of our health officials, we take this action. Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities is here to keep our neighbors in need, “Safe, Warm and Dry”. Inadvertent exposure of our 2020 recipients to a health risk would go against that goal. This year’s projects will proceed keeping safety paramount for both the provider and the recipient. These repairs will not include the non-trade community volunteers.

We have made a commitment to the 2020 recipients and will complete these jobs as soon as possible. It is our goal to hold the 2021 Rebuilding Day on the last Saturday in April…just like we have done it for the past 26 years.

Thanks to all our generous community supporters and donors for your efforts.

Board of Directors, Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities

Mission Statement
Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives
Safe homes and communities for everyone

Rebuilding Together Mechanics by Tim Clarke

RTMC Featured in National’s Year in Review

RTMC Grows Emergency Repairs by Tim Clarke

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