Letters from Homeowners

From J.H. – Crestline

I don’t know how I can thank you enough for my new generator…I can’t get my feelings to show with just words. So I think I’ll share with you my story of Thanksgiving and Christmas. As you probably know, we saw record snowfall on both holidays. First Thanksgiving…I was taking a shower in the morning…Right in the middle of it, the power went out. Needless to say, fumbling around in the dim light in a slippery shower is not safe for me at all…it had…been out for hours…I had to go to bed with my down jacket, hat and gloves on. It’s too hard for me to get extra blankets out of the cupboard and spread them on the bed…I was very cold and didn’t sleep…After almost 24 hours with no heat, my house was 42 degrees. My phone line was out. I couldn’t call anyone for help. Second, Christmas…The power went out twice on the 26th…out again on the 27th…Wayne Palmer came to visit me and check on me in January around the same time as the power outage on the 7th. He heard about the trouble I was having staying warm and…within a very short time…the RTMC board…agreed to put in a generator for me…The generator is in, thanks to Wayne and his sons, and now I can rest easy knowing I won’t ever have to go through another experience where I’m cold and in the dark because of a power outage. God bless All of you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!               _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

From D.S.

Thank you for the blessing of choosing my house for repairs. I understand that the volunteers won’t be able to work until at least June because of the Corona virus. The workmen from Palmer Construction have been fixing my major repairs which were a rotten board in the eves which they replaced and fixed the cause. One side of my front porch was rotting plus the stairs and they replaced the whole front porch, two piers, two support beams and put up gutters to keep rain off the wood. They will be building new stairs off the porch and finishing the porch with new wood. I have some major cracks in the driveway that are to be repaired. Also they will be replacing my lower deck landing…The work so far has been above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for answered prayers, D.S.


From C.S. and S.S. – Crestline

We want to express our appreciation and sincere gratitude for the assistance Rebuilding Together provided to our friends…during the week of February 10, 2020. I contacted Darrell Parks that week to see if Rebuilding Together would be able to install grab bars in the bathroom of the…residence to help…steady her balance after recent surgery. Darrell Parks and Tim Clarke responded immediately, surveyed the requirements and installed the grab bars that same week. Please accept the enclosed check as a small contribution toward your good work, not just for our dear friend…but for all the good things Rebuilding Together brings to the mountain communities. Thanks again. Best regards, C.S.


From J.H. – Crestline

Thank you so much for my new water heater! Not having hot water for a while was a real eye-opener…it was like living in the 1800’s – So that you for bringing me back to 2020!! I so appreciate you and your services, J.H. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

From L. T. – Cedar Glen

I just wanted to tell you how much your organization is appreciated by myself and my father… I live with my father and he became ill and extremely weak. I was exceedingly worried about how I was going to get him up the stairs at the front of the house and the garage. Our home does not, as many homes in the mountain area, have a level entry. Your organization came in and added a beautiful rail for the front steps and a hand rail for the garage steps so my father had the stability to get up the stairs. Now he has the freedom to leave the home and he is able to socialize and get to his appointments without fear on both our parts. The workmanship is stunning and the volunteers were amazingly kind. The rails were installed before I even got my father home from the hospital and I was able to get him in the house for the first time by myself. What a comfort it is to know there are these services, and an organization committed to bettering the lives of our elderly and in need in our beautiful mountain communities. You are a partner in kindness and a blessing, providing a little freedom and healing to those you touch. Warm Regards, Go with God… L.T.


From O.C. – Crestline

Dear Rebuilding Together – Thank you so much for unclogging my kitchen drain…This put me one step closer to fully functioning plumbing, and, with that, the possibility of becoming enabled to afford to keep(and live in) my own 100% paid-for home for the next 30 years or so… Every little bet of help toward this goal means I don’t have to lose everything, etc. (I’m 100% disabled thus have no way to earn $ otherwise), so THANK YOU… Yours truly, O.C.


From J.J. – Crestline

To all who helped me this week and who will help in April – Thank you for choosing me as worthy of your kindness, generosity, and assistance. I am totally in awe! With my gratitude – J.J.


From A.H.

I can’t thank you enough for replacing my water heater. I thought that I would be living with cold water – which would have been mighty cold in the winter. Your generosity towards me again is overwhelming to my soul. You are such a blessing to our community! May you receive many blessings in return. Love, A.H.


From D.F. – Crestline

Thank you John, Wayne, Matt, LeeAnn, Bonnie, and everyone for making April 27, 2019 such a memorable day! I was so overwhelmed as I watched car full after car full of people arrive – all to volunteer their time and talents to make my home safer and my life easier – that I spent the first hour or so fighting back tears of joy! You are a remarkable group of caring people! Thank you and everyone involved for everything you did! Most Sincerely, D.F.


From J.L. – Arrowbear

It is of course impossible to express my deepest and most grateful gratitude. Everyone who helped me great and small are forever in my daily prayers. I would especially like to mention Dave Bennett who did more – simply more. Depak Chopra must be required reading in Dave’s company because everyone is so kind and caring. I never felt a beggar – which I am. A most appreciative beggar. The excellence of the quality of the work – all the work is amazing. A most specal thank you to Dave.

From L.O. – Crestline

I do not have the words to express what my heart is feeling. I just can’t let another moment go by without expressing my deep gratitude and appreciation to the herds of volunteers from Rebuilding Together for the exhausting work they did on my house. My house and yard are beautiful. Thank you again for your unbelievable kindness. I thank GOD every day that I live in a community with such caring, giving people.

From B.S. – Crestline

Thank you, Thank you. I do appreciate your choosing me for rebuilding. It absolutely made my day. The new stove was so unexpected and wonderful. Words cannot describe how special you are to help me. Thank you for all of your kindness.

Dear kind people:

Thank you for you help in making my home a safer place. The Palmer family did an excellent job. May God Bless all of you.

Thanks Again,
F.L.C. – Crestline

From J and C D.

To everyone at Rebuilding Together,

We can hardly describe what a delightful shock it was to have hot water this Christmas. Along with the obvious comfort involved, your gift has given us back hours of time usually spent heating water on the stove.

More than that you have reminded us that there are good and caring people in the world. Thanks to you we are greeting the New Year with determination and hope for a better future.

Wishing you all the best of everything.

From P.R.

It is a wonderful gift and an answer to a nagging question, “How can I get these problems resolved?” I am looking forward to meeting the team. Thank you all for your contribution to our community and may the Rebuilding Day programs meet with continued success.

Thank you for considering my needs.