NATIONAL REBUILDING DAY  is our signature annual event.  The last Saturday in April culminates a year of planning, evaluating, training and organizing hundreds of neighbors.  These enthusiastic volunteers, lead by qualified licensed contractors, come together to repair and restore homes and non-profit community facilities, revitalizing entire neighborhoods and making a lasting impression on homeowners whom they serve.

HOME SAFETY MODIFICATION/SAFE AT HOME The primary goal of Rebuilding Together’s “Safe at Home” program is to address home repair and maintenance issues that potentially present a safety risk or limit the access to or within the home.   Preventing falls and related accidents in and around the home is one of the main focuses of this program.  This service is performed by specialized volunteers FREE to any homeowner who wishes to make his or her home safer and more accessible.

YEAR-ROUND EMERGENCY REPAIR Along with the unique climate we enjoy here in the mountain communities, comes endless possibilities for roofing, heating, plumbing, and electrical issues, which require immediate attention.    Rebuilding Together’s Emergency Repair program was initiated to address unexpected critical situations which occur in the home throughout the year.  These services are provided by licensed contractors or repair services and are FREE to qualifying homeowners.