Message from the President 2023

For the 29th year, Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities has done its part in bringing the generosity of this close-knit community to those homeowners who need help with critical repairs to their homes, and restore their hope that they may continue to live in their homes and be “warm, safe and dry”.

That huge snowstorm, “Snowmageddon”, like everyone else, affected Rebuilding Together strongly this spring. The storm came right at the time that we are usually performing our onsite planning for Rebuilding Day and because the snow was so deep, we not only could not see many of the things we were planning to do, but we couldn’t even get to most of the sites. So, with all that coupled with the fact that most of our workforce would themselves be busy recovering from the problems they had in their own lives and businesses. We thought we could all use a little more time to be ready to donate our time and energies for Rebuilding Day. As a result, the Board of Directors decided to postpone Rebuilding Day a couple of months until the last Saturday in June.

Despite all of that, Rebuilding Day was a great success. We repaired 5 homes for 5 very deserving homeowners. As a result of the efforts and contributions of many generous and talented, hardworking individuals, we were not only able to change the lives of our recipients, but many of those who volunteered. It is such a crucial part of what we do to share our joy, smiles and laughter with one and other as we celebrate the great and lasting positive effect we have on our community.

For those needing repairs that cannot wait for a Rebuilding Day, we have our Emergency Repair program and our Home Safety program that we operate year-round. With these two programs we serve as many as 50 homeowners annually with grab bars, rails, water heaters, furnaces, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, roofing repairs, etc. In some cases, we have helped people who have been without hot water and or heat for months. Using only preferred license contractors, with these two programs we perform the majority of the repairs we do annually.

Our motto is “Warm, Safe & Dry”. With that as our guide, over the years, we have touched the lives of hundreds of people in need and given so many selfless people a venue to express their love and generosity to so many who desperately need it. Our hope is, as we refurbish homes, that we positively change forever the lives of all involved.

I am so very grateful to all those who gave from the heart and made this year a success.

I am looking forward to another great year. So, do yourself a favor, on the last Saturday in April, “Come out, pitch in, and bless a neighbor in need.”