Sadly, defined by recent health events in the new year, The Board of Directors of Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities must cancel the April 24th, 2021 Rebuilding Day. With the changes in the contagion factors of covid 19 in recent weeks and the general fatigue of the quarantine, we do not feel safe in going forward with the community volunteer segment of Rebuilding Day.

We will of course honor our commitment to the chosen 2021 recipients of Rebuilding Day and our Emergency Repair program. Because we will now have to hire mountain contractors to perform most of the work, we will start these repairs as soon as possible as it will take longer to get these jobs done with the smaller work force. Of course, these jobs will cost more with RTMC paying for labor and materials.

So, if it was your wish to participate this year, and you find yourself wondering how you can help, pick up your check books and support us with the pen instead of the sweat of your brow. Reach out and continue to make a difference. No amount is too small!

Our country has been suffering for more than a year and the fabric of our communities has been frayed. The loss of our traditions and traditional activities have been postponed, but we must hold onto them and the people we celebrate with, lest they fade to a memory. We will be back to normal soon. As the Dodgers always said when this writer was a kid, “Wait till next year!”

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