Calling all contractors who are interested in helping with Rebuilding Day 2024. To ensure success, it is our requirement that house captains be licensed contractors. With our sometime unique building methods that have been used over the years in mountain buildings, it takes a pro to tackle them. As well as house captains, we need strong non-trade coordinators to work with the army of civic minded volunteers. Both positions require patience and commitment. Of course, the great surge you get in your heart is issued free of charge at the end of the day. So, if you’re looking to replenish those feelings of comradeship and fraternity and public service, call us and reserve your space for April 27th, 2024, Rebuilding Day.

We realize that as we get older our ability to work like we once did may abandon us though we still have the desire. So, remember to encourage younger family and friends of the beauty of giving of your time to others. And of course, there is always the power of the checkbook to make things happen.

Always remember giving our time is the greatest gift of all.

Contact us at:

Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities

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Mission Statement
Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives
Safe homes and communities for everyone

Help us spread the word!

Attention Rebuilding Together Volunteers!! Help us spread the word! In consideration of the recent storms and mountain conditions in general, the Rebuilding Together Board of Directors has voted to postpone the Rebuilding Day event until Saturday, June 24, 2023. Have Questions?  Call our office at 909 336-3910 or click the sign-up button above to volunteer […]

Get Ready For Rebuilding Day by Tim Clarke

Congratulations to the community of building contractors and community volunteers for stepping up and filling all the house captain and non-trade coordinator positions! We can now start the organization and logistical process to insure a successful Rebuilding Day for our mountain communities. A robust community volunteer network is coalescing, and we need you to ask […]

House Sponsors Needed

The home selections for Rebuilding Day 2023 are complete and the notifications will be going out after the first of the new year. To make those wishes come true on April 29, we could use some House Sponsors and the helping hands of our local contractors. So, currently we welcome the help of individuals, groups, […]

Volunteers – we need your help!

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Rebuilding Together
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To our enthusiastic Community Volunteers
People like YOU who make Christmas in April Rebuilding Day
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