Rebuilding Day A Succuss!

Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities would like to greatly thank the over 100 volunteers, trades people, and the support of our local businesses for making a successful Rebuilding Day! For 2024 we were able to help keep four homeowners stay safe, warm, and dry in their homes. Our community showed their generosity once again donating their time on April 27th. House #1 in Cedarpines Park was sponsored by the Ted Roy Foundation and Mountain Storage. The House Captain was Wayne Palmer with Volunteer Coordinator Lorna Polley. They with their volunteers replaced fascia boards, repaired front stairs, and cleaned up two dumpsters of yard waste with rain gutters to be installed. House 2, in Running Springs was sponsored by the Lake Arrowhead Rotary and Joan Leopold. The House Captain was Scott Markovich with Volunteer Coordinator Allison Banner. Firewood was split and stacked, fences, gates, and other items were repaired, the fence and house paint was touched-up, and two dumpsters of yard waste was cleaned-up. House 3 in Crestline was sponsored by Mountain Sunrise Rotary with workers from Mountain Sunrise Rotary and the Skyforest Elks. The House Captain was Willie Kanayan with Volunteer Coordinators Rudy & Karyn Westervelt. Their were extensive deck and stair repairs, new fascia boards installed, a window repaired, a new microwave installed, plumbing and electrical repairs, with two dumpsters and three trailer-fulls of yard clean-up and debris. House 4 in Crestline was sponsored by Running Springs Golden Oaks and Lake Arrowhead Community Presbyterian Church with workers from Lake Arrowhead Community Presbyterian Church, Church of the Woods, and Lake Gregory Community Church. The House Captain was Wayne Palmer with Volunteer Coordinators John Moore and Sue Parks. A large amount of firewood was split and stacked, a new storage shed was built, there was some exterior house painting, a bathroom was remodeled with new vanity and cabinet, electrical and plumbing repairs, house items moved for new flooring installed due to water damage, and two dumpster were filled with yard clean-up and debris. Thanks again to our community and see you all next year!