To paraphrase an old proverb,” A society grows when old men plant trees knowing they will never sit in their shade”. Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities has spent the last 30 years helping the mountain communities’ most vulnerable neighbors stay” warm safe and dry” in their own homes, by doing the home repairs that are beyond their financial reach. This type of organization wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated community, mountain contractors, and a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors.

If you are new to our community or are unaware of what we do, here are the particulars in a nutshell. Our signature once a year program Rebuilding Day accepts applications each year from homeowners. Those homes that are selected, get specific repairs done by community volunteers, supervised by licensed contractors and skilled labor who also give their time and effort at no charge. Materials are donated or are paid for by Rebuilding Together.

Please consider joining us for a day of fun and generosity April 27th at 7 a.m. at the Mountain Communities Senior Center 675 Grandview Rd. Twin Peaks 92391.

For any questions please call:

Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities