A Message from Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities By Tim Clarke

March is just days away and before we know it Rebuilding Day in April will be here. This is our 30th year serving our local mountain communities. We would like to have been able to pull out all the stops to do some major “snowmageddon” repairs, but we are unable to because we are currently underfunded for the kind of damage done last winter. We have gotten several grants and donations in the past year from the county, corporations, other non-profits and of course our local neighbors. But current donations are dwarfed by the costs of repairs. We have had to turn down so many of our neighbor’s requests because of the extent and scope of the repairs needed. Turning down people breaks our hearts.

We were, with the help of a $50,000 County grant, able to sign contracts to reroof two homes and hopefully have a little left for additional emergency repairs. This is but one example and there are many more. Remember, we offer year-round emergency repairs for those meeting the same requirements of low income as required for Rebuilding Day. So, if you can give or know friends or employers that want to help keep our mountain communities “mountain strong” reach out to give.

Rebuilding Day is scheduled to happen on Saturday, April 27th, and we look forward to seeing our loyal local volunteers turn out. So, contact us soon to reserve a spot on team Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities.

We are here to keep others warm, safe, and dry, as always.

Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities

P. O. Box 3540

Blue Jay Ca. 92317