DON’T MISS OUT By Tim Clarke

October 31st is the deadline for applications for the 2024 Rebuilding Day, so don’t miss out, apply today. Residency, home-ownership, and low-income requirements are in place as usual. This year we have raised the maximum income amount to a level in line with county standards so more people can be considered. In November the selection committee will be inspecting all the properties who have applied for 2024 Rebuilding Day. Upon completion of the selection, all applicants will be informed as to their status.

Once selections have been made, the organizational ball gets rolling recruiting and organizing our team of House Captains, defining the scope of the repairs that will be made to each home and time-lining the processes needed, such as preparatory work to be done ahead of Rebuilding Day and all the seemingly small things that go into a successful Rebuilding Day.

Greater interest will be given to enlisting community volunteers this year as we have seen a marked drop in overall participation year over year. I am always told what a great job we do and what a great asset we are to the mountain communities, and I want that to continue So, become a Re-builder this year and watch your heart swell with pure joy.

Be on the lookout for those in need and tell them about Rebuilding Together and the work we do, and not just on Rebuilding Day, but 365 days a year with our Emergency Repair Program.

See you on the last Saturday in April!

Contact us at:

RTMC P.O. Box 3540

Blue Jay, CA 92317