Stand with Rebuilding Together by Tim Clarke

In the past few years our mountain communities have had some tough times, such as, covid, unseasonable rain and snow, building damage, and personal tragedies. Through it all we have stood mountain strong. Our compassion for those in need is still strong. Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities has seen this compassion each of the 30 years that we have been helping homeowners with repairs to their homes, asking only that they apply for our services, go thru the selection process and are low-income homeowners. To provide our services at no charge, we enlist help from the community, service groups, churches, corporate giving, family trusts and you the mountain citizen. These contributions fund our once yearly Rebuilding Day which includes our generous trade and non-trade community volunteers. Our year- round Emergency Repair Program provides help from contractors who we pay. Last, we have a free fall-prevention program, where we install bathroom grab bars to keep our seniors and handicapped neighbors safe in their own homes.

Every year we must ask for your help to continue our work. No contribution is too small nor is any more appreciated than the other, because we know it comes from the heart.

When an artist creates a work of art it can stimulate the viewer in many ways. When someone’s burden of home repairs is lifted it can stimulate the recipient in many positive ways and increase their faith in their fellow man. We could truly use that in these days of uncertainty. So, open your hearts and wallets and restore your faith in your fellow man as well.

Reach out to us at:

Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities

P. O. Box 3540

Blue Jay Ca. 92317