First Foundation Bank Officers Meet with Rebuilding Together Board by Tim Clarke

On Thursday October 13, 2022, members of the board of directors of Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities had lunch with Sylva Figueroa and Emily Sukman from First Financial Bank, the first face to face chat since Covid that didn’t involve a computer. Sylva and Emily work in the community investment and charitable giving side of the bank and came to offer any assistance that they could to our organization, in addition to their giving a grant in 2021. We had a lovely time learning about each other and where we all came from, with a lot of laughing and joking thrown in for good measure. They wanted to know how the last Rebuilding Day came off and we were excited to share with them work that was done and homeowner stories. We told them that we are in the planning stages of Rebuilding Day 2023 next April, and we are hoping that a group representing the bank can come and share the Rebuilding Day experience. When it was time to part, we stood wide eyed as a giant check appeared for a renewed donation of $10,000 for the Emergency Repair Program. It was smiles and thank yous all around. Emily put it best when she said it was nice to be on the softer side of banking…. giving to others.
Well, Hats off to First Foundation Bank for a relationship we hope will last for years to come!