House Sponsors Needed

The home selections for Rebuilding Day 2023 are complete and the notifications will be going out after the first of the new year. To make those wishes come true on April 29, we could use some House Sponsors and the helping hands of our local contractors. So, currently we welcome the help of individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations to sponsor a home on Rebuilding Day. Not everyone can swing a hammer or pull a rake, but some can afford to draw a pen across a check. For a donation of $1500, you can be recognized as a home sponsor, although any amount is welcome. The past few years have been hard for all of us, with multi viruses attacking many and turning the world upside down. Remember though, Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities has continued through these crises and beyond for the past 29 years to keep our neighbors in need warm, safe, and dry in their own homes.

While Rebuilding Day on the last Saturday in April each year is probably the most recognizable program for Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities, our year- round Emergency Repair program helps more homeowners at least 5 to 1. The emergency repairs are done under the same parameters as Rebuilding Day and are restricted to those who are low-income homeowners. Emergency repairs are performed by paid contractors without the volunteer element of Rebuilding Day making them more expensive. We have replaced water heaters, home heaters, dealt with sewer problems, roof repairs and many more which usually occur at the start of the winter months.

Finally, we have a home modification program where bathroom safety grab bars are installed. This service is open to any homeowner, regardless of income, to give those with stability problems a helping hand.

RTMC board of directors wishes all of you a happy holiday.


P.O. BOX 3540

Blue Jay CA. 92317