If you missed this year’s deadline for Rebuilding Day 2024, your RTMC board has extended the deadline to November 30. So, if you need help with those minor repairs around your home contact us soon. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that get us down, that drippy facet or that wood that needs to be split. These things can keep you up at night and add to your worry list. While we can’t do all that needs to be done, we may be able to share your burden together with our local contractors help.

All of us have seen just how much damage was done last winter to homes and businesses and we hope to raise record contributions this year as much of this damage is yet to be repaired.

Our mountain papers have been great partners in getting our message out to all of you and are so important to all of us help us keep informed of the things that bind us all together. Small papers throughout the country are cutting back or going out of print. Yet, ours continue because they get our local news to us without bias, rumor or negativity. We all thank you!

Contact RTMC at:


P.O. Bo 3540

Blue Jay Ca. 92317

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Safe homes and communities for everyone

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