It’s time to start the 2021 Rebuilding Day preparations. This month we will receive the applications and will verify their information. Soon the home visits will start so we can evaluate the needs of each homeowner and the hard choices will be made to choose the final recipients. To do this we need community support in the form of home sponsors (those who donate $1500 or more) and the business community service groups and private citizens. We wish there were another way to do this in these uncertain financial times, but we must ask. When things are at their worst, we must put our individual needs in perspective and think of the greater needs of our neighbors and our country to insure a continued healthy mental outlook going forward. We feel no greater joy than helping someone else. It seems to relieve our own anxiety.
We look forward to gathering next April with community and trade volunteers, neighbors and friends to help our mountain family. Covid 19 will not stop us. If it takes 100 gallons of hand sanitizer and 1000 masks, we will be there. We cannot give up for there is nothing to take our place!
In addition to Rebuilding Day we have been continuing with the year-round Emergency Repair Program for those with more immediate needs. We have taken care of those emergency repairs, pandemic or not, in as safe a manner as possible.
If you have questions or want additional information, we welcome your calls .
Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities
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