When God closes a door, he always opens a window by Tim Clarke

The regrettable closing of the Presbyterian Church in Crestline has resulted in an unexpected windfall from the sale of the property. The Presbytery of Riverside, acting for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is following its policy of tithing a portion of the property sale to a local non – profit. The Reverend Tom Rennard, the interim pastor at the closing of the church, recommended Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities receive this tithe to continue the work of repairing, restoring and revitalizing the homes of those in need in our mountain communities. RTMC received a check in the amount of $25,603.35.

RTMC has been blessed with unexpected gifts over the years from inside and outside the community many coming out of the blue to help just when we needed it. Because our affiliate is staffed by an all-volunteer board, with a minimum of expenses we can ensure that the money raised ends up in the community where it belongs.

When we struggle either as individuals or a nation, we often look to blame someone or something else. But when we give help, we come together. Rebuilding Together gives freely to our neighbors in need, some see renewed hope in our gift and others in the giving itself, Rebuilding Together is thankful for both and cherish the memories of Rebuilding Days past.

Now in our 27th year in the mountain communities, we are anxious to receive applications from needy homeowners, those needing home repairs on Rebuilding Day or emergency repairs right away. No matter whether you are applying for yourself, or a friend, contact us at:

Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities

P.O. Box 3540

Blue Jay Ca 92317